YANSS 183 – A roundtable discussion of Black Lives Matter with the members of the Association of Black Psychologists

This episode is a roundtable discussion with members of the Association of Black Psychologists exploring Black Lives Matter and the related social movements related place right now in The United States at the time of this recording

Dr. Marva Robinson

Dr. Marva Robinson, is the Midwestern regional representative for the Association of Black Psychologists, and a clinical psychologist with a practice in St. Louis Missouri. She worked with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, to help psychological trauma following the events during and after the 2014 protests there.

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks is a psychologist at St. Louis University where she studies discrimination, mental health, diversity in higher education, and intergroup relations. Banks has been working to support individuals and groups to understand themselves, others, and systems of oppression for more than 20 years. Her work is rooted in Black Psychology, and focuses on racial identity and the need for creating more hospitable environments.

Satira S. Streeter

Dr. Satira S. Streeter is a clinical psychologist and the founder and executive director of Ascensions Psychological and Community Services in Washington D.C. Streeter works with disadvantaged women and families and has specialized in teaching and implementing techniques effective for this population. In 2004, Dr. Streeter founded Ascensions to serve the needs of families in the most poverty stricken area of Washington, DC. 

Dr. Sean Utsey

Dr. Sean Utsey, is a professor of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and chair of African American Studies. His research interests is the psychology of the African-American experience, focusing on the understanding how race-related stress impacts the physical, psychological and social well-being of African-Americans and how trauma is manifested in the victims of racial violence.

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