YANSS 224 – How to have better conversations with loved ones (and just about anyone) about difficult topics (and just about anything)

In this episode of the You Are Not So Smart Podcast, we sit down once again with Misha Glouberman, an expert on conflict and conversation, to discuss how best to improve your communication skills and turn what you suspect will be a difficult interaction into something marvelous and fruitful – the sort of talk that strengthens your relationship with the other person and leaves you both feeling like you gained and learned something – the kind you’d like to have again.

Mentioned in the show, here is the link to a free online class with Misha Glouberman on Feb 1st.

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Misha Glouberman teaches people how to talk about things, both in the classroom and within organizations, and he also works as a professional facilitator, which means he helps people design and run conferences and meetings. He also lectures, hosts Trampoline Hall (which has a podcast) – where he interviews the speakers afterfield and fields questions from the audience – and he is the co-author of the book The Chairs Are Where the People Go, a collection of his dictated musings about life recorded and edited by author Sheila Heti. 

TWITTER: @mishaglouberman

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